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encrypted. virtual. online. secure.

Your Virtual Conference Experience

Organize live, automated, paid and member conferences using evos. Our encrypted and secure platform will protect your content while offering your attendees and sponsors a fully customized conference experience.

A Seamless Virtual Platform

Our conference dashboard is designed with the user in mind.

Customize to Your Brand

Showcase your conference branding with a fully customizable dashboard. From the header image and logo, to the coordinating colors throughout your conference dashboard, this virtual experience will be tailored to accurately represent your brand.

Registration & Automated Emails

Use the event home page to advertise the details of your conference, register attendees, and sell tickets without the need for a third party event registration platform. Registrants will use this same portal to login on the day of the conference.

Showcase Exhibitors and Sponsors

Explore Our Virtual Exhibitor Hall

Incentivize your conference sponsors with a clean and interactive exhibitor section that will showcase their brand, product, or service while prompting attendees to learn more about their company.

Ready to Learn More?

Request a demo to view all the features and ease of functionality of evos first hand.